SPLAN Visitor Management Check In/Check Out Process:

Step 1:

Check In:

On the initial screen there are 3 ways a person can check in using the SPLAN system

a) New Registration b) Pre-Registered c) Previously Visited

Step 2:

a) New Registration A guest to the school should select the “New Visitor” button

A guest to the school should select the “New Visitor” button

Affiliates of SVA (staff, faculty,students, preferred vendors) should select the “Staff/Student/Vendor Visit” button and search for their name from the preloaded list.

b) Pre- Registration & c) Previously Visited 

A pre-registered or previously visited guest can scan the QR code emailed or printed label, or do a search by email address.

Step 3:

After selecting one of the choices above, choose a registration method
a) Manually Enter Information   OR            b) Scan an existing or emailed QR code

Step 4 a:

Manually enter your guest information, some mandatory fields are required and complete COVID-19 questions.

Step 4 b:

After searching by email, complete the COVID-19 Questions.

Step 4c:

Complete COVID-19 questions.

Step 5:

Print badge and retrieve from security officer at the desk.

Step 6:

Check Out:

Select “Check Out” from the main screen and scan the QR code on the printed badge.