Mediaspace is a community-wide creative space for sharing video, audio and images that can be accessed from This site is exclusive to the SVA community and offers opportunities for sharing and collaborating between students, faculty and staff. Think of it as a Campus-wide YouTube that allows you full control over who has access to your videos.

Employees of the College will find valuable information, resources and training videos in one searchable and ADA-compliant location. Does your office create video content you need to share with the campus community? Through Zoom’s screen share option, it’s never been easier to create a quality video, and Mediaspace offers administrative office staff a place to distribute that video to faculty, staff and/or students. Mediaspace is also a great place to see and share some of the fantastic creative work produced at the College.

  • Departments and offices can organize related content within a channel.
  • Multiple users will be able to access content and even contribute to that content.
  • Channels and playlists can be created to showcase and highlight videos.

Find it in your myID dashboard apps.

To access Mediaspace, first log in to There you will find Kaltura Mediaspace added to your app dashboard. Click on the icon and start sharing!

For those of you already using Canvas, you will recognize many features within Mediaspace including the presence of “My Media.” This provides you with instant access to all the content you’ve already loaded into your Canvas account. Anything you’ve added to My Media will now be available to you both within Canvas and Mediaspace, ready to share with your class, a fellow instructor/student, the department as a whole, or the wider campus community.

In addition to your own “My Media,” you’ll find useful categories pre-populated with content to explore. This is just the beginning. Add your own content, and keep checking back to see what’s new and exciting!

The 411 on how to use Mediaspace.

Here is a playlist of helpful videos covering a range of topics including how to upload your media, organize it into channels and playlists, or even collaborate with different groups of people.

Remember that a tool is only as good as its users. It is up to us to help make Mediaspace a positive expression of SVA and of all the talented and creative people herein. There are likely many more ways to use this tool and that’s where you come in. If you have any ideas or suggestions to share, please email 

Finally, please keep in mind that the same respect for artists’ intellectual property rights that is expected in public-facing sites or online classes is also expected in Mediaspace. Click here to learn more about SVA’s Intellectual Property policies and recommendations.

Get comfortable and enjoy your new space!