1. Log into https://myid.sva.edu

You may need to install a plugin before you can access Office 365. If you do not see the following alerts or warnings, please proceed to step 5

The app tile might look like this on your dashboard:

You might see the following warning on your screen:

  1. Click Install Plugin. The Mac App Store will open if you are on a desktop or laptop. The iTunes App Store will open if you are on an iPad or iPhone.
  2. Click Get and then Install App.
  1. Once the installation is complete, go back to your myID dashboard and refresh the page. The plugin warnings should disappear.
  1. Click the Office 365 tile to open.

Enter your email address, then click Next. Enter your password then click Sign in.

  1. Click the checkbox for “Don’t show this again” then click “Yes” to keep yourself signed in.


  1. Click on an app to open and start working in the cloud.

Direct Download for Home Use

  1. Click the Install Office button to open the drop down menu.
  1. Click on the first option, Office 365 apps.
  1. Read the steps and then click Close.
  1. Click allow.
  1. Package will start downloading. See progress in the lower left corner of the browser. When the download completes, click on the icon to start the installation process.
  1. Click Continue.

    13. Click Continue..

    14. Click Agree.

15. Click Install.

16. Enter your username and password then click Install.

17. The installer will cycle through the installation in stages.

Validating . . .

Writing . . .

18. Click OK on the Required Data Notice.

Running . . .

19. Click on Move to Trash to remove the installer from your machine.

20. Installation is complete. You will see the following applications in your applications folder.